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International Work

Ann Marie has been collaborating with international schools since 2008. She was headhunted to deliver child protection training in the Middle East in 2008 and has supported schools across the world including USA, Caribbean, East Asia, Middle East and the UK in safeguarding training, consultancy, and audits.

Since 2016, Ann Marie has been an affiliated safeguarding consultant with the Council of International Schools. In addition, is also an associate safeguarding trainer for the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) and delivers their accredited Designated Safeguarding Lead raining.

Ann Marie is well known within this field and is often called upon for safeguarding consultancy including internationally. She was headhunted to complete a safeguarding project in the Middle East in 2020 regarding a safeguarding qualification and approved by the panel within the university. In 2022 Ann Marie was also involved with a University in the Middle East project in supporting the government employing a holistic and proactive approach in safeguarding children within that country.

Ann Marie is very confident in supporting our colleagues internationally with safeguarding in sports, arts, faith, and again within education settings. Look forward to hearing from you.