Since March 2017, I’ve been working alongside ‘The Key for
Leaders’ with various projects relating to safeguarding and child
protection. We created a resource for Designated Safeguarding
Leads and it was launched successfully in September 2017, it’s
called the Safeguarding Training Centre. It’s a great resource with
training materials for DSL’s including Inset Power-point, Facilitators
notes, attendance mark in chart etc. We’ve had great feedback
about the resource and it is updated regularly. We did some filming
in July (it was a hot day) I spoke about Forced Marriage and Private
Fostering. This is the clip and can be used in training sessions.
Nursery World
I’ve written a few articles for them before but in the Autumn Term I
was involved with a particular feature about ‘The Children and
Social Work Act 2017’. The article was aimed at early years
practitioners and explaining how the new changes will affect their
practice. This is one of the articles. Enjoy!